At Elliott Bauer, we also provide our clients with a tailored service for future succession planning, to ensure the continued effective performance of an organisation. We understand the importance of finding high calibre individuals to lead businesses in the future, and when we work with an organisation, we will review, and if necessary, advise or proactively support in finding that next layer.

Over the years we have been intimately involved in constructing and forming succession plans across lines of business. With our industry knowledge and commercial understanding, we can provide support to any group looking to layer their business to ensure a fit-for-purpose structure, safeguarding the future of the business, as well as bringing through the next generation of talent.


We often find our clients with a significant need to acquire new talent, and that often expands beyond hiring one or two individuals. As with any financial services group, the need to expand into new markets, or provide new services, allows our team to assist in introducing potential ready-made teams, who can come in and hit the ground running. Our executives have vast experience at moving teams, both locally and internationally, large and small.

We will ensure delivery of candidates with proven capabilities and track records whose expertise can add to the bottom line from day one. Team acquisitions offer many benefits including, a cohesive group dynamic, reduced risk of failure, reduction in costs in comparison to acquiring a business, and Elliott Bauer will assist through the whole process from beginning to end.


Elliott Bauer offers interim services to meet immediate and urgent needs across financial services. You may only require a skillset to cover a set period of time, and an interim is most suited to this type of situation. Our team has helped clients source the right interim candidates, whether that be to fill short-term gaps, strengthen teams or provide valuable experience at crucial times.

With an extensive network of executives and professionals available throughout the year, we can offer skillsets to implement tasks, drive large-scale turnaround/transformation projects or provide cover at short-notice.


Our executive team have experience of working with ExCo, C-Suite and middle management on a global basis. This means that we are uniquely placed to conduct leadership development exercises, taking into account key leadership competencies such as strategic thinking, commercial acumen, leadership and collaboration. Our unique style of questioning allows individuals to openly communicate in a trusting environment. This enables us to gain deep insight into the business, advise on leadership ability and identify where there are opportunities for structural change in the organisation.

We work closely with our partners to tailor the exercise to the client’s requirements and needs. Not only do these exercises support the ExCo in informing business strategies and ensuring that strong leadership is in place, but it also promotes a positive working culture and equips the individuals to take ownership of their personal development.

Our style of executive assessment allows us to focus on enhancing the existing talent within an organisation and to identify if there is a need for further training or mentoring. Our approach is adaptable and we are able to accommodate the needs of each individual. We will also provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of their business culture and environment to enable effective decisions for future hiring purposes.

Elliott Bauer has recently completed a project of this nature for a listed company which has proved invaluable in terms of enabling the ExCo to move their business forward.


Since Elliott Bauer’s inception, actuarial has always been a key specialism and we continue to assist clients across the globe while nurturing and guiding future talent in this field. We have completed a multitude of assignments, providing comprehensive executive search placements on top of general recruitment, interim and contract positions for top-tier financial groups around the world.

Continuing to monitor the critical industry shifts that affect the talent landscape, with our offices in the United Kingdom, North America and South Africa, as well as extensive reach into Europe, Asia and Oceania, our global presence allows us to source the very best talent. Elliott Bauer partners with groups across traditional actuarial sectors such as Life, General, Pensions, Health, Reinsurance as well as Banking, Investments, Asset Management, Data & Analytics and Non-Traditional fields.

Building upon our successful history in the actuarial space, we have continued to see a high demand in the market for actuarial skills across a variety of sectors and seniority. We have successfully completed assignments for actuaries moving into C-Suite positions, as well as more traditional roles such as Chief Actuary, Director of Protection, IFRS17 Director, Director of Asset Liability Management, Head of Product & Pricing, and Head of Reinsurance, to name a few.

Elliott Bauer also continues to work significantly on the strategic growth of actuarial divisions, building talent pools with once-off hires or acquisitions of existing actuarial teams.


At Elliott Bauer our teams have the expertise, industry contacts and deep insights to allow us to deliver the very best talent across a range of specialisms. We can provide talent in all aspects of investments, including asset management, banking, investment consulting, private equity and wealth management around the world.

Over our history we have placed key staff up to and including CEOs, moved entire teams including Partner-level staff, as well as assisted firms across areas of managing money, advisory, consulting, product development, relationship management, solutions, strategy, sales & distribution, digital, technology, analytics, and platforms to name a few. We represent global firms, from notable and respected investment houses, through to boutique organisations and innovative FinTechs.

We have advised on strategy, assisted implementation and drive of major turnaround situations, emerging market opportunities and M&A.

Some of our key hires include Director: Portfolio Management, Director of Asset Management, Head of Group Investments, Chief Information Security Officer, Director: Actuarial & Investments, Head of Insurance Solutions: Investment Banking, Investment Product Specialists, Fund Manager, Platform Sales and Investment Consultants to name but a few.


These areas remain a mainstay of our work and we are highly adept at ensuring finance and risk functions are fit for purpose. This core discipline has not changed for many years and the industry is multifaceted. Elliott Bauer has assisted across corporate finance, accounting, tax, internal audit, commercial banking, enterprise risk, operational risk, cyber security and investment management.

As the industry and company needs continue to evolve, commercially driven and focused risk/finance executives are becoming more of a necessity and there is a growing demand for leaders with vision who can guide a group through the changing marketplace, as well as a need for those who are not only technically proficient but also confident, able to challenge, communicatively strong, and adaptable.

Elliott Bauer partners with our clients across a variety of specialities from developing succession plans, merging finance functions, upskilling and modernising outdated systems, dealing with legacy, and providing talent in new areas of growth. Key strategic hires in this area include VP of Enterprise Risk Management, Director: Tax Products, Chief Financial Officer, Director: Asset Management & Risk, Head of Finance, Finance Director, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Risk, Head of Risk and Actuarial Risk Director.


Elliott Bauer are continually called upon to drive as well as aid in the turnaround of sales & distribution functions. It is key for any group to get this right; without an effective distribution unit, even the greatest product will struggle to sell. We have worked with a multitude of groups who each have their own unique methods of operating.

We can assist across the range of offerings available and are flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Our clients may operate through IFAs, tied-agents, B2C, B2B etc. – multi-channel distribution strategies are becoming more common and we have also helped groups look at growing their digital offerings.

When looking at one of the greatest factors for a successful sales/distribution function, the department Head is one of the most critical components. Elliott Bauer has been instrumental in placing key executives into influential positions that will ultimately dictate the direction and future growth of an organisation.

An example of roles filled in this area include: Sales & Distribution Director, Head of Sales, Business Development Director, Head of Tied Agents, Head of Digital and Chief Marketing Officer.


As technology continues to advance, the potential in harnessing world-class tools to better understand and serve clients/customers has never been more prominent. Disruption is prominent in all areas, across all levels, and at an astonishing rate.

One of the key challenges identified by Elliott Bauer is ensuring that the right strategy is in place, with the right talent to implement this effectively.

Elliott Bauer has been instrumental in assisting our global clients across financial services, retail, communications, and healthcare, among others, to ensure that they are keeping abreast of industry trends in what is a dynamic playing field. Elliott Bauer has experience of successfully bringing about change to our partners in this rapidly developing space, through the strategic placement of individuals from a permanent or interim perspective, as well as the procurement of largescale established data & analytics teams.

Some of our recent mandates include Chief Information Officer, Director of Digital Strategy, Head of Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics, Head of Data Science, Modelling/Analytics Actuary, Product Analytics Specialist, Machine Learning Researcher, Lead Data Architect, and numerous others.


Vacancy Overview

As an executive search group, Elliott Bauer operates primarily on retained assignments on behalf of our clients. The vast majority of our current roles are therefore not advertised on our website. Furthermore, we offer a more personalised service and prefer to get to know our candidates/clients personally in order to best advice. Please make contact and we will be more than happy to discuss your career aspirations and potential opportunities that would fit you best on a local and international level.


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